Scrabble Together

Here we have 3 spots from Scrabble, each personifying a letter and giving them cute or not so cute personalities.
Even though the quality varies among the three spots, all of them deliver on the message of bringing family together.
They are fun, light and entertaining. These spots are going to be aired this month in France, Latin America, Spain, Germany and Mexico.

Spot Blank:
ANN Score: 8.5/10

Spot Q:
ANN Score: 7.5/10

ANN Score:
Spot P: 6/10

Client: Mattel
Vice President, Games Marketing: Nick Karamanos
Global Marketing Director: Elizabeth Grampp
Senior Marketing Manager: Rebecca Cottrell
Marketing Manager: David Schwartz
Associate Marketing Manager: Blake Knight

Agency: Pereira & O’Dell
Chief Creative Officer: P.J. Pereira
Executive Creative Director: Jaime Robinson
Creative Directors: Aricio Fortes, Paulo Coelho
Art Director: Keli Linehan
Copywriter: Charlie Wolff
Executive Producer: Jeff Ferro
Producer: Monica Wilkins
Director of Client Services: Gary Theut
Account Director: Henry Arlander

Production Company: Biscuit
Director: Jeff Low
Executive Producer: Shawn Lacy
Producer: Colleen O’Donnell
Line Producer: Mary Beth Jenner
Director of Photography: Igor Jadue-Lillo

Editorial Company: Umlaut
Editor: Inome Callahan
Assistant Editors: Jaime Kruse, Peter Geiger, Michael Pavloni
Executive Producer: Gina Locurcio

Graphics: Laundry

Music: Tonic
Track: Original Track

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