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  • 28 May 2013
    Iphone – Every Day Campaign

    Music Every Day

    Client: Apple
    Spot: “Music Every Day”
    Agency: TBWA\Media Arts Lab
    CCO: Duncan Milner
    ECD: Eric Grunbaum
    GCD: Chuck Monn
    CD: Simon Cassels ACD/AD: Antoine Choussat ACD/CW: David Young
    AD: Anthony Williams, Dimitri Kalagas
    CW: Elizabeth Marks…

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  • 27 May 2013
    For a better future of Online Advertising

    Mike Nolet CTO and co-founder of Appnexus speaks about what everyone needs to focus on if we are serious about the future of online advertising.

  • 09 Apr 2013
    Authors@Google: The Social Era

  • 01 Mar 2013
    VW Laugh 0:30

    Haha that is just brilliant!

    by Deutsch NY

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  • 19 Feb 2013
    System 1 Ad Testing

    Emotional Ad Testing reviewed by Brainjucer

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  • 18 Feb 2013
    What makes a Viral Video go Viral?

    Video By Ross Ching.

    Viral Video

    Watch it to find out the 3 Principles of a Viral Video:

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  • 04 Feb 2013
    Top 3 Superbowl Ads 2013

    A 15 minute power outage and a football match interrupted this year’s most awaited commercials.
    Our top picks from the 2013 SuperBowl are:

    1. Samsung – The Next Big Thing

    Agency: 72andSunny

    2. Taco Bell

    Agency: Deutsch L.A.

    3. Godaddy…

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  • 01 Jan 2013
    Your Ears are way more important than your mouth

    Gary Vaynerchuk’s hilarious talk from the Big Omaha 2011

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  • 27 Nov 2012
    Get in Touch

    Romeo Juhasz – Getting in touch.

    Do you have questions about digital advertising or online marketing? Or you just simply like the digital ad space and you are curious about new possibilities? Feel free to reach out because I love …

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  • 19 Nov 2012
    Scrabble Together

    Here we have 3 spots from Scrabble, each personifying a letter and giving them cute or not so cute personalities.
    Even though the quality varies among the three spots, all of them deliver on the message of bringing family together.…

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